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100% Squalane & Sunflower Facial Oil

100% Squalane & Sunflower Facial Oil

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Naturally enhance and strengthen your skin with our 100% Organic Olive-Derived Squalane and Sunflower Facial Oil. Our lightweight, non-greasy oil is high in Omega-6 and Vitamin E and suitable for all skin types, leaving your skin with the right amount of radiance! Non-comedogenic, too.

Squalane acts as an emollient when applied to the skin. What does this mean? It means, it gets into all spaces between skin cells! Since it occurs naturally in our own skin, it is great for all skin types (even sensitive types).

Sunflower oil is a natural skin protectant and moisturizer, aids in regenerating damaged skin cells and fights acne causing bacteria. Oh and we can’t forget to mention, it won’t clog pores and acts as an extra layer of protection against environmental stressors. Sorry pollution, not on our skin!


Protects and strengthens your skin’s barrier, hydrates and locks in moisture, fights skin-damaging free radicals, improves texture, replenishes dry and dull complexions, adds a natural, lightweight glow to skin.

1 fl. oz / 30 mL

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